Many a flower is born
to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness
on desert air.

These are art objects and books that I've designed. They are created with the intent to elevate the moments and messages that I've captured or found out in the world.

Death, Like a Door

Poster Design
Gallery Layout
Death, Like a Door is a collaboration, but it is also a documentation of two unique perspectives that explore different worlds of change. It chronicles the passage of time in a way that is both personal and ineffable. The subjects and places shown are extensions of the artists’ lives, beliefs, and daily routines.

Morning | Mourning

I created this object in collaboration with my friend, and former professor, Chris Mattingly. Morning/Mourning, is emblematic of the importance of our friendship. And of our connection to Louisville, KY.

It takes a delicate look at space, both new and remembered, and traces the analogues of what it means to make a life and to leave a legacy.

“I’ve thought about dying, but I never thought about leaving.”

Days EP Cassette

Art Direction
Gold Risograph ink printed on an O-card cassette case — French Paper's Speckletone and Construction series papers. Printed by Tim Robertson at Risolution Press in Louisville, KY.
"The real work of the artist is
a way of being in the world."

Designing physical art objects helps bring vitality to my approach to work. And it allows me to make space to connect with my community of makers.

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