Haymarket by Ashbourne Farms

Brand Launch
Brand Guidelines

Haymarket celebrates the finest of Kentucky. They offer a unique variety of fresh produce and farm-raised meats from Ashbourne Farms, as well as some of the best foods from around the country. This all-encompassing Hospitality concept offers a farm-to-table grocery experience, made to order meals, a drive-through coffee shop, and an immersive garden property.

Drive through coffee, baked goods, juices, tea, sandwiches and more. Quality served quickly.

Haymarket's provisions are far reaching, and highly ambitious — for the local hospitality scene in Louisville, Haymarket is a unique destination. It fully encapsulates the Kentucky spirit of hospitality, and the authenticity of truly farm-grown meals and offerings.

As designers and strategists, our team helped to support their ambitious mission to bring farm to grocery in a convenient experience— from initial branding to launch. Our work was all-encompassing, covering the designs for kiosks, drive-through, way-finding, packaging, signage, marketing materials, truck wraps, website design, and more.